The Lime Plastering Company offers nearly every service possible to with both lime plastering and modern plastering. We offer both supply and fix or labour only services. We can carry out as much or as little of the remedial work involved with the plastering as you are comfortable with. We supply all machines and tools needed to complete the job unless agreed otherwise and we may offer some scaffolding solutions to ease the cost of work on some smaller and more simple jobs.


Lime Plastering

External lime plaster:

The Lime plastering Company offers a full selection of lime plastering work. Usually three coat work, the lime plaster may be finished in a number of ways such as:

- smooth sand face finish (floated)

- roughcast

- pebble dash

- Sponged (uneven cottage look)

Above are the most popular finishes we are asked for but if you have something else in mind then just ask and I am sure we can accommodate your needs and requirements. Whether you like it neat or uneven and rough, textured or smooth, rounded or angled we can produce the high quality lime plaster finish that you are looking for.

Internal lime plaster:

- Full three coat lime work. Two backing coats using a purchased backing coat from our lime supplier with a finishing coat of lime putty finished with either a trowel, float or sponge.

- Lath and Plaster. Whether it's an insurance claim to replace falling down or decayed ceilings or a new building. We offer a traditional service of replacing lath and plaster wall and ceilings.

Modern Plastering

The Lime Plastering Company also offers a full range of services using modern materials and techniques. We also offer services to make modern plaster look like traditional plaster which we have developed to offer more cost effective solutions.

Popular services offered are:

- Sand and cement finishes. All the same finishes as lime are offered for external work.

- Internal render and skim. (and any other finishing plasters such as one coat)

- Antique finish - A mixture of plasters developed by ourselves to give a simulated weathered lime look. Perfect for those wanting a

- Renovating plasters

- Plasterboard fixing and skimming

- Dot and dab plaster boarding and skimming.

Lime Plaster Consultancy

Our experts offer consultancy based work for those requiring expert advice on the lime product and which method is best suited to your project. The wealth of knowledge is utilised by a wide range of people from conservation officers and large construction companies to individuals just seeking some friendly advice. We welcome any enquiries, even if it is just for some advice, as we understand there is a severe lack of people with expert knowledge in the lime industry. Most advice will be free if it just helping someone out. Site visits that are with a view for us to do the work will mostly be free, depending on the type of visit required and the proximity to us. Our expert will travel anywhere in the country and offer sound advice on anything to do with lime, it's properties and any services involving lime. We are also currently working with lime suppliers to develop the next generation of lime plaster.

If you would like to use any of these service or would just like to know more, please do not hesitate to contact us.