Here are a few select projects that have recently been completed by the Lime Plastering Company to give you an idea of the work that we carry out and the standards achieved.

Grand Designs

Lime Plaster

We carried out both, internal and external plastering to this property. The outside lime plastering has a flat and smooth finish which really enhances the building. Internally, we were asked to create a "lime look", which we achieved by mixing different types of plasters together (that we have developed over a number of years). The "lime look" even fooled Kevin McCloud, the show's presenter and was achieved for a fraction of the cost.




For this project, we used a three coat lime render rough cast. The colour was achieved by using a gauged mix of coloured sand and lime.



Fulham Palace

Our work at Fulham Palace consisted of the refurbishment of the Old Stable Block which was converted into offices, the Bothies, which was where the estate's tradesmen carried out their work and the Vinery, where we rendered the 100m2 curved wall with an Ashlar finish where vines were to be trained to go up the wall.