Welcome to the Lime Plastering company's feature gallery. In this section is the Grand Design project.

This project was started by us early in 2007. The entire building works can be seen from start to finish on Channel 4's Grand Designs TV show. Alternatively you can check out their web site here. It was Jo and Shaun Bennett's first time doing anything like this and self managed the whole project themselves.

The outside was rendered with three coats of lime work all ruled off flat and given a smooth float finish. There was no lime wash applied to this work and this is the lime's natural colour. Inside we did not want to just plaster the inside with a smooth finish because it would look odd given the character they were trying to achieve with the house, so we suggested using a special mix of modern plasters to give a weathered lime look. This was suggested because nearly the same finish can be applied at a fraction of the cost of applying lime and also drying times are much shorter.

Overall the job went fairly smoothly, apart from losing a few days outside to the good old British weather. Jo and Shaun were both extremely happy with the result. We always like to offer our views on certain areas of plastering when it comes to what goes with what and what style of finish to go for, like we did with Jo and Shaun. But ultimately we will do whatever the client asks.